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Om Jimhashye charitave maghonyaabhogaya ishtaye raye u tvam!
Dabhram pashyadbhya urviya vichaksh usha ajigarbhuvnani vishva!!

[Rigveda, Mandal 1, Sukta 113, Mantra 5]

“This hymn of Rigved (One of the book, from four Holy Vedas) says- the persons who do not waste even a single bit of time since they get up in last one fourth (3am -6 am) of night, till they go to bed again in next night till second one fourth of it, get all pleasures, sorrow is not made for them” i.e. other kind of persons can not get it.

Ok, by getting inspiration from this thought, I start blogging for the sake of common people so that every one may get closer to Hindu mythology. I want to spread my feelings and knowledge all over the world that is why I started writing it in international language ‘English’ and I am publishing Hindi version of all my posts step by step too as to reach to common persons of India. I am interested to show the values of our Indian Hindu mythology in front of the whole world. I think, the Almighty God will help me to complete this complex work. He will surely help me in disclosing those Indian real images which are hidden and unseen.
Om Prati Me Stomamaditirjagribhyatsunum Na Mata Hridyam Sushevam.
Brahm Priyam Devahitam Yadastyaham Mitre Varune Yanmayobhuh. 

[Rigveda Mandal 5, Sukt 42, Mantra 2] 

Well prayed God fulfills the needs of his/her devotee just as a mother cares her newly born baby. So pray the God and praise HIS qualities well.

Now the question arises, who am I? Myself Anubhav Sharma, I am grandson of respectable Rajyavaidya (Head of the doctors of Ayurveda) of Riyasat Bharatpur, who had been Director of Ayurveda too, after the end of Riyasat system, in Rajasthan Govt. His name was Mr. Janardan Sharma. I am son of his fourth son Late Mr. Yogesh Chandra Sharma, who had worked in RAW, a well known secrecy department of India. After leaving this agency he worked as a well known Doctor and earned a lot of fame in this field too. He was a person of uncommon skills. He was a very good singer and his skill as a singer was extraordinary. My mother Mrs. Shashi Prabha Sharma has been a govt. teacher in a junior school and now she is a pensioner; she is very religious, minded and diligent woman. My brother Mr. Anurag Sharma (B.Tech., 1992)  is an electronic engineer and is well known personality  in the field of electronic meters. He is running a company, Waft Solutions of electronic meters too. Two daughters of mine are Shruti Kirti and Smriti. Elder one very much brilliant who lives with me and studying in a Boarding School. Smriti lives with her mother Radha. Now I am divorced from my wife Radha Rani Sharma and separated since year 2007, March. I have two sisters named as Mrs. Charu-Munesh Kumar Sharma (Doctor) and Mrs. Geetu-Rajkumar Kaushik (Police Man). Both are younger to me. I have a deep interest in Yoga and Yajnas. I have acted in two video-films too first one "Satya Narayan Ki Vrat Katha" and Second "Maa Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat Katha". Both came into market through Lara Videos. I am a good singer too. Name of my Maternal Grandfather was Mr. Pt. Kashmiri Lal Sharma s/o Sri Leelapat Sharma R/o Ismailpur. My maternal Grandmother was Smt. Ramkali Devi. Name of my Paternal Grandmother was Mrs. Meva Devi. We initially belongs to District Ghaziabad. My Grandfather Sri Janardan Sharma Vaidya Ji lived in Barkhanda, Near Kuchesar Chaupla, Ghaziabad. My Taau Ji lived in - Ghaziabad (Mr. Bhalchandra Sharma) , Baxar (Mr. Ashutosh Sharma) and Bharatpur, Rajasthan (Mr. Suresh Chandra Sharma) . My Chacha Ji (Mr. Umesh Chandra Sharma) lives in Ghaziabad. Descendents of my uncles live accordingly.
My Dynasty : Late Shri Ramsukh Sharma=> Late Shri Bihari Lal Sharma=> Late Shri Sukhdev Sharma=> Late Shri Janardan Sharma=> Late Shri Yogesh Chanbdra Sharma=> Shri Anubhav Sharma.
I myself [M.A.(Eng.), B.Sc.(PCM), Professional Business Programmer, Kamil(Urdu), Junior Diploma in Vocal Music, B.Ed.(Persued)]. I have taught in CBSE as well as U.P. Board pattern in several schools. I have been in the service of Baba Ramdev and I was a Swadeshi Pracharak of Distt. Bijnor, UP in Patanjali Gramodyog Nyas, Haridwar (Uttara Khand) till Janurary 2013. Now a days I use to teach the students and works as a subject guide in my own coaching MATA Coaching N PD, Ismailpur. I work as an advisor in LIC, Chandpur too. Myself Chairman of "Akhand Bharat Foundation(Regd.)[Chandpur]", a Spiritual, Educational, Charitable Trust and  Tehsil Prabhari, Tehsil Chandpur in Patanjali Yog Samiti, Tehsil Prabhari for Ugta Bharat Weekly Newspaper as well.  I took birth in District Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh) on 2nd Oct 1973 and I have lived in a peaceful village Ismailpur which is my birth place too. I am a well experienced person of computer hardware and software too. I have a deep interest in science and in Hindu Mythology. I started reading Translation of Vedas by Swami Dayanand as well as Literature of Br. Krishna Dutt Ji in Trance and other books when I was 14 years old. From childhood Now a days I practice Yoga everyday and wake up on 3:30 a.m.. After recitation of Morning Mantras I perform Pranayam and Meditaion. So I take batches of different classes till 12th with great enthusiasm daily. Myself Yagya Sanyojak and a main brick of Arya Samaj Building of my Village. I was very conscious in doing religious actions. I found that there are a lot of wrong facts which are famous about Hindu mythology. It was a very unpleasing  condition for me. I always wanted to do something for my Religion and for society, now I got this way to share my knowledge. In this blog I will always try to give best of my earned knowledge. I am here to take honest steps. If you have any question and queries don’t hesitate to contact me on this email address. If you want to tell something, please contact.
Truly Yours

Anubhav Sharma 'Bhavanand Arya'
Vill & Po. Ismailpur
Near Chandpur
Distt. Bijnor
Uttar Pradesh
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